i am anticipating many goosebumps from your video entries!

i believe that when we are inspired it is a gift ~ and when we inspire others it is also a gift

find purpose in sharing the moments and stories that make your whole body tingle!

(ok maybe not x-rated goosebump stories)

because if someone or something or some event moved you in some way, it is bound to do the same for another

and by sharing your stories, not only do you empower yourself, you empower others to share also

which i have found leads to healing, transformation and confidence-building

so, think of that person that inspired you change the direction of your life, or that painting that gave you hope, or the smile on the face of a child you helped one day

and share those stories!

just as the participants of laurie goodman photography’s life messages™ book of enterprising hearts, you too will make a difference!

TO MAKE YOUR VIDEO: ensure you are in a quiet bright spot although not in direct sunlight, shoot in a landscape fashion like mine above for no longer than 2 mins

don’t stress about a little bit of shaking…it doesn’t have to be perfect…just be yourself and have fun!

each submission by April 30th, 2016 gets an opportunity to win a copy of my next book and every time you say life messages or goosebumps during your video,

I will enter your name in a draw for free tickets to our book launch on may 5th at country heritage park in milton, ontario!