susana medeiros

susana medeiros

she really does prove that families do matter…we all have one..however it is shaped…and so many of us go through similar ups and downs…by talking about it ALL, ‘family matters’ makes a difference for individual families – makes us feel connected to one another on a larger scale and contributes to a stronger family-oriented community.

author’s note:

susana’s magazine publication, family matters, was born from her heart-centred value system that places the highest priority on promoting a healthy family unit.

each month she features a new family and connects businesses and residents by highlighting resources and articles on topical issues for families in her magazine.

in doing so, she connects us to our neighbours. she helps to make us feel less alone by bringing up issues that we all go through and offers solutions to those issues.

family matters investigates and uncovers the real heart of the community and the people who live in it…showing us what we are made of and reminds us of what is most important…family.

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