donna danielli

donna danielli

donna’s life is devoted to making a difference in community.

she has a pure heart and truly wants to help those in need.

she also wants to effect real and meaningful change…and she does, everyday!

what i love and admire about donna is that she thinks about the people and organizations that not everyone pays attention to. she believes that the smallest act of kindness or giving can make a huge difference in the life/lives of people who most don’t pay attention to or forget.

donna is out there walking her talk and lives every moment of her life with purpose….all the while being ever so thankful to her family for supporting her in all she does.

it is an honour to highlight donna in life messages™third book of enterprising hearts…i can’t wait for you to see her picture and story in print!

for more information about donna, please go to: Milton Transitional Housing or

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