Paulette Lockwood

paulette lockwood

“paulette has so much love in her it just spills down her face”

note from the author:

my first meeting for a life messages™ photo session with paulette lockwood, for our first book, was filled with laughter and tears and so was my second meeting for her best friend life messages™ shoot and again for our 3rd book of enterprising hearts!

i think paulette has so much love in her it just spills down her face so easily as a form of expression from her deeply feeling heart.

her story will touch you. it’s a story of love, loss and healing. you will come away from her story recognizing the power of keepsakes like you never have before.

we all face loss. paulette can truly help people to heal their pain through her business and it makes me want to smile and cry at the same time when i think of her impact on others.

i so appreciate paulette for supporting life messages™ from the start and just thrilled she is in this book because she is a genuine leader.

for more information about paulette, please visit: Thinking of You Keepsakes

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