Tara Kinden

tara kinden

a woman whose positive energy is palpable

note from the author:

tara kinden is a straight-shooter with boundless energy, ideas and a big heart!

she embraces life fully, every single second!

tara takes action and puts her ideas into motion! our missions are aligned as we both advocate for people to live in their truth and share their empowering stories. i call it, ‘following the goosebumps’, while tara is all about living in your ‘soul flow’. currently, tara is on the cusp of a big road trip where she will continue to collect ‘soul flow’ stories of women across canada. it’s been wonderful to watch her journey to date and i can’t wait to see her book when it comes out!

one of my ‘goosebump’ moments during my interview with tara was when she said she felt that people shouldn’t ‘sugar-coat their stories’….i love that…it screams welcoming truth and authenticity in a sweet way 🙂 tara is interested in what is ‘real’ and i value that also…

tara’s life message photo for our third book, enterprising hearts, was taken in beautiful haliburton, ontario…what a memorable session for me…i can feel the sun shining on my face still and the giddy excitement of working with a woman whose positive energy is palpable..she’s just someone who inspires you to come out of your shell, be exuberant and love life!

to find out more about tara, please visit: Muskoka Yoga Studio

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