Sean James

sean james

sean is captivated by all that is natural

note from the author:

if you were to go to sean’s house, you might have the song ‘welcome to the jungle’ playing in your head or some mellow zenned-out meditation music with songbirds tweeting in the background 🙂 …take your pick, but his is a unique plot of land in the heart of the city…every square inch of the front, side and backyard is covered in rescued, native and/or rare plants, bushes and trees, creating a mesmerizing unexpected little ‘island’ of hope.

what a pleasure to spend time with him in his homemade paradise. i can see how his students, clients and colleagues hold him in high regard.

i observed that sean is captivated by all that is natural. as we walked around his space, he would stop at the sight of a new bloom, a ripe pear or a unique bird. there was always a story, a piece of information, a lesson or a memory to be shared.

i am thrilled that sean james is taking part in laurie goodman photography’s life messages™book of enterprising hearts as he makes such a difference for the environment and for community! not only that but he has agreed to be one of our headlining speakers at our launch on may 5th!

i can’t wait!

to learn more about sean and his amazing company, please go to: Fern Ridge Landscaping

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