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Category: Contributing Bloggers

At life messages™ we welcome submissions from “Contributing Bloggers”. Everyone of us has life messages to share and we would like to hear yours.

i have no doubt that i’ll get to where i need to be

my life as I knew it was turned upside down

Tragedies. Everyone experiences them in one form or other. They can be small or big, fleeting or permanent. Back in May, I was privy to the most inspiring group of people. It was at Laurie Goodman’s book launch “Life Messages- Enterprising Hearts” where some of them……

make a difference – emily bunney

Making a difference is important because when you do something for someone else and don’t expect anything in return, you feel happy, and that is the greatest gift you can ever receive.

Making a difference is important to me because my school motto is ‘Look after yourself, Look after one another.’  You should try……