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Tag: enterprising heart

a book can’t be judged by its cover BUT…

to uplift, to inspire, and to shine a light of hope in our sometimes otherwise dark world are beautifully apparent.

I have BIG love for this lady who is not only an exceptional writer, but a woman who walks her talk in supporting both her enterprising peers AND charitable organizations within her community!

Elizabeth actively and consistently……

build a community of leaders – jackie clark

she is living her dreams side by side with her family

note from the author:

i wish i had been able to go to jackie clark’s gym, firepower kids when i was a child!

so many children and a families have benefited from their positive, community and leadership-building experiences at firepower.

i first met jackie for a life messages™photo……

touch, move & inspire – fatima gould

fatima radiates a spirit of inner joy.

note from the author:

fatima radiates a spirit of inner joy.

she is committed to living life fully alive in every moment and it shows.

it hasn’t always come easy for her but let me tell you she is a woman on a mission……

pass the torch – athena & david o’connell

i was intrigued by the content of our interview and the resulting message. it’s as unique as they are while honouring the legacy of those they hold dear.

note from the author:

athena and david are partners in life, family and business.

they have fun together and get serious together.

our photoshoot for life messages™third book, enterprising hearts was……

be vulnerable – jennifer powell

she’s not afraid to put it all out there which has made others feel comfortable to do the same.

note from the author:

jennifer powell’s smile lights up the world!

well, not just her smile…her glowing attitude! jenn is yet another messenger in laurie goodman photography’s life messages™ book of enterprising hearts whom you just want to be……

be bold – teresa cirillo

“teresa will move you to have the courage to be bold and go out of your comfort zone, to reach heights you never before imagined!”

note from the author:

i was fated to cross paths with teresa.

before even meeting me, she supported life messages™!

she has impacted my……

always beautiful – lynn manwar

lynn was a very special soul.

note from the author:

lynn was a very special soul.

during the production period of my upcoming book, i was fortunate to get to know lynn through a volunteer opportunity to photograph female survivors of breast cancer spearheaded by  Alicia Vianga’s charitable organization, ABC……

suspend disbelief – alison grimley

alison has an elevated consciousness in my estimation. she speaks with calm and clarity. she takes her lessons to a level way past what many of us would have had we been in her shoes.

note from the author:

there are very few people in this world who make you look inward as……

i can hear it – angie nussey

angie’s messages can be heard loud and clear through her music.

note from the author:

angie’s messages can be heard loud and clear through her music.

she is a canadian singer/song-writer extraordinaire!

she will move you to sing songs you don’t even know.

they will make you tap your toes,……

set a good example – carolyn anstey

what is really cool about it is that she has managed to give back to community in a big way using wool!

note from author:

carolyn can do more with a ball of yarn than anyone i know!

what is really cool about it is that she has managed to give back……