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Tag: entrepreneurs





I couldn’t be happier for you!

I know how hard you’ve worked in the last two……

enterprising hearts has arrived!

the third book in our life messages™ series has arrived!

we are thrilled to have some time with our special book before our big launch party!

the book is GORGEOUS!!!

….a unique legacy of leadership piece that is visually……

build a community of leaders – jackie clark

she is living her dreams side by side with her family

note from the author:

i wish i had been able to go to jackie clark’s gym, firepower kids when i was a child!

so many children and a families have benefited from their positive, community and leadership-building experiences at firepower.

i first met jackie for a life messages™photo……

gratitude – heba & rachid malki

they are true humanitarians and it shows in everything they do.

note from the author:

heba & rachid pay their gratitude forward.

they turned my idea of the importance of sharing your stories on its head.

you must see their story and message in our upcoming life messages™ book of enterprising……

be the light – matthew sokol & kerry bunney

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go out of their way to be the light for others.

note from the author:

matthew & kerry are pure of heart. all of their intentions are good.
they are near and dear to my heart and to the life messages™ movement!

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go……

love yourself – kim and lori-ann

kim and lori-ann

kim and lori-ann are a powerhouse of positivity and light!

note from the author:

they express this through their individual and combined businesses as……