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Tag: fundraiser organizer

leave a legacy of leadership – sandy hatzis

inspired me to want to ‘be more’ and to ‘do more’ to make a difference in community

note from author:

life messages™ would literally not be where it is at without sandy hatzis!

sandy formed a group called MAFE (Milton and Area Female Entrepreneurs) that has evolved into a community in and of itself like no other i’ve……

build a community of leaders – jackie clark

she is living her dreams side by side with her family

note from the author:

i wish i had been able to go to jackie clark’s gym, firepower kids when i was a child!

so many children and a families have benefited from their positive, community and leadership-building experiences at firepower.

i first met jackie for a life messages™photo……

people who learn differently can be successful – samantha goodes attew

just because you learn differently,
does not mean you cannot be successful in life.

note from the author:

i am ever so grateful for sam’s enthusiasm about life messages™!

throughout the production period of our enterprising hearts book, samantha and i had many discussions. she gave me multiple nominations of incredible people in community that would be an……

follow your dreams – tyler fergus

he constantly looks to find ways to give back to the same community that has helped him and his family.

note from the author:

question: what qualities make an effective leader?

answer: someone who is honest, confident, communicative, committed, intuitive, inspirational, creative- combined with a large dose of a positive attitude!

magician, photographer, fundraiser organizer……

ambassador of hope – tiger jeet singh jr.

tiger jeet singh jr. is unique individual who has many messages of hope to share with the world.

author’s notes:
tiger jeet singh jr. coined the term ‘tigerbumps’ during our interview for life messages™ third book, enterprising hearts!

that was a ‘goosebump’ moment for me as we bumped hands together…i had told tiger that he just gave……

giving back is as natural as breathing – angelo posteraro

“Angelo does so much for community, I think he should be Mayor!”

note from the author:

“Angelo does so much for community, I think he should be Mayor!”

these are types of endorsements i received about angelo when compiling this book.

what a pleasure to get to know angelo……