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Tag: fundraiser

build a community of leaders – jackie clark

she is living her dreams side by side with her family

note from the author:

i wish i had been able to go to jackie clark’s gym, firepower kids when i was a child!

so many children and a families have benefited from their positive, community and leadership-building experiences at firepower.

i first met jackie for a life messages™photo……

be vulnerable – jennifer powell

she’s not afraid to put it all out there which has made others feel comfortable to do the same.

note from the author:

jennifer powell’s smile lights up the world!

well, not just her smile…her glowing attitude! jenn is yet another messenger in laurie goodman photography’s life messages™ book of enterprising hearts whom you just want to be……

mentorship makes a difference – shawn saulnier

shawn has many life messages, however, there is one message in particular that guides shawn to take the leaps that have affected so many lives, including his own.

note from the author:

shawn values mentorship.

during our interview for life messages book of enterprising hearts, i found that many of shawn’s defining……

give of your talents – gavin mcleod

gavin is our youngest enterprising heart!

author notes:

gavin is a natural as a life messenger.

everything he says is a message.

what is extra special about that is that he’s only 16!!

gavin is our youngest enterprising heart!

his message is like that of an old soul.

for many, it takes years to come to the realizations he has-if ever.

he gives……

be of service to others – maria locker

maria is committed to education and making a difference in the service of others.

note from the author:

maria locker will move you with her entrepreneurial accomplishments, humble yet driven nature & her BIG love of family.

maria is committed to education and making a difference in the service of others.

the national membership of her business is 17,000……