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Tag: leadership

“everyone starts in the basement” -julie cole

Giving is a part of who we are and our culture.

Julie Cole made me laugh and nod my head up and down, saying, ‘YES’ more than once the first time I heard her speak at a Mompreneur Conference in Toronto!

When you listen to Julie, you think, this is someone I could be friends with….she’d be……

messages & mompreneurs in guelph

PicMonkey Collageguelphkwmomptxt

Gratitude to all of our new Life Messaging Community Members!

I am ever so thankful to Enterprising Hearts Written Contributor, Tessa Kampen for making my dream vision happen with her Guelph & KW Mompreneur Chapter today!……

this is what i want for life messages



I said to myself this is the stuff of life..this is what I want for life messages…that youth take……





I couldn’t be happier for you!

I know how hard you’ve worked in the last two……

enterprising hearts has arrived!

the third book in our life messages™ series has arrived!

we are thrilled to have some time with our special book before our big launch party!

the book is GORGEOUS!!!

….a unique legacy of leadership piece that is visually……

leave a legacy of leadership – sandy hatzis

inspired me to want to ‘be more’ and to ‘do more’ to make a difference in community

note from author:

life messages™ would literally not be where it is at without sandy hatzis!

sandy formed a group called MAFE (Milton and Area Female Entrepreneurs) that has evolved into a community in and of itself like no other i’ve……

pass the torch – athena & david o’connell

i was intrigued by the content of our interview and the resulting message. it’s as unique as they are while honouring the legacy of those they hold dear.

note from the author:

athena and david are partners in life, family and business.

they have fun together and get serious together.

our photoshoot for life messages™third book, enterprising hearts was……

ambassador of hope – tiger jeet singh jr.

tiger jeet singh jr. is unique individual who has many messages of hope to share with the world.

author’s notes:
tiger jeet singh jr. coined the term ‘tigerbumps’ during our interview for life messages™ third book, enterprising hearts!

that was a ‘goosebump’ moment for me as we bumped hands together…i had told tiger that he just gave……

be a friend to a stranger in need – fred scheuer

fred scheuer and his partners, robert, stefan and paul run intrigue media – a business that has heart and soul!

author’s note:

fred scheuer and his partners, robert, stefan and paul run intrigue media – a business that has heart and soul!

it’s an interesting mix of fun,……