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Tag: legacy





I couldn’t be happier for you!

I know how hard you’ve worked in the last two……

pass the torch – athena & david o’connell

i was intrigued by the content of our interview and the resulting message. it’s as unique as they are while honouring the legacy of those they hold dear.

note from the author:

athena and david are partners in life, family and business.

they have fun together and get serious together.

our photoshoot for life messages™third book, enterprising hearts was……

life is precious – ries boers

he is there for others. he takes action to help. he makes a difference, everyday! 

note from the author:

ries is an old soul with a rebel heart!

i admire ries for his life’s work, how he values family and his community.

he is there for others. he takes……