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Tag: life messenger

don’t sugar coat your story – tara kinden

a woman whose positive energy is palpable

note from the author:

tara kinden is a straight-shooter with boundless energy, ideas and a big heart!

she embraces life fully, every single second!

tara takes action and puts her ideas into motion! our missions are aligned as we both advocate for people to live in their truth and share their empowering……

stay positive – lolita babalis

it’s one small act that gives her goosebumps and helps her to spread her message of positivity.

note from the author:

lolita is a ray of sunshine!

behind her grateful smile is a story that will melt your heart.

she has found her purpose through the defining moments of her life…and makes a real difference in the lives of……

be bold – teresa cirillo

“teresa will move you to have the courage to be bold and go out of your comfort zone, to reach heights you never before imagined!”

note from the author:

i was fated to cross paths with teresa.

before even meeting me, she supported life messages™!

she has impacted my……

heal loss with keepsakes – paulette lockwood

“paulette has so much love in her it just spills down her face”

note from the author:

my first meeting for a life messages™ photo session with paulette lockwood, for our first book, was filled with laughter and tears and so was my second meeting for her best friend life messages™ shoot and……

the least visible need the most help – donna danielli

donna’s life is devoted to making a difference in community.

she has a pure heart and truly wants to help those in need.

she also wants to effect real and meaningful change…and she does, everyday!

what i love and admire about donna is that she thinks about the people and organizations that not everyone pays attention to. she……

feel the goosebumps – michelle emson

michelle emson’s powerful message comes from the heart and from personal experience.

you are sure to get goosebumps with this video message as you can truly feel michelle’s sincerity and depth of conviction!

she values this message whole-heartedly and you will be inspired to do the……

always beautiful – lynn manwar

lynn was a very special soul.

note from the author:

lynn was a very special soul.

during the production period of my upcoming book, i was fortunate to get to know lynn through a volunteer opportunity to photograph female survivors of breast cancer spearheaded by  Alicia Vianga’s charitable organization, ABC……

i can hear it – angie nussey

angie’s messages can be heard loud and clear through her music.

note from the author:

angie’s messages can be heard loud and clear through her music.

she is a canadian singer/song-writer extraordinaire!

she will move you to sing songs you don’t even know.

they will make you tap your toes,……

set a good example – carolyn anstey

what is really cool about it is that she has managed to give back to community in a big way using wool!

note from author:

carolyn can do more with a ball of yarn than anyone i know!

what is really cool about it is that she has managed to give back……

you reproduce what you are – nathan porter

he can make you laugh. he can be serious. he can be nostalgic. he can be competitive. he can show you he has heart through his words, actions and expressiveness! 

note from the author:

nathan porter is a unique individual.

he can make you laugh. he can be serious. he……