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Tag: love

love…may not be toyed with


Entrusting someone with your love is a gift and no, should never be toyed with.


This message hit me hard when I first read it and I think about it often.

Be careful with your words and actions.

Entrusting someone with your love is a gift and no, should never be toyed with.

Our first Wednesday Words of Wisdom……

heal loss with keepsakes – paulette lockwood

“paulette has so much love in her it just spills down her face”

note from the author:

my first meeting for a life messages™ photo session with paulette lockwood, for our first book, was filled with laughter and tears and so was my second meeting for her best friend life messages™ shoot and……

choose love – audrey hlembizky


audrey is a powerhouse of good energy, smarts and heart.

note from the author:

audrey is all about the LOVE!

in every way, she shouts it out to those around her that she embraces love and wants to see love become an epidemic around the world!

she thinks BIG. she is BOLD… and she has BELIEF!

audrey is a powerhouse……

feel the goosebumps – michelle emson

michelle emson’s powerful message comes from the heart and from personal experience.

you are sure to get goosebumps with this video message as you can truly feel michelle’s sincerity and depth of conviction!

she values this message whole-heartedly and you will be inspired to do the……

love, commitment, dedication – mary nebesny

mary loves her clients’ fur babies like family.

note from the author:

her family and staff do the same!

the story of family pet services in campbellville is one of love, commitment and dedication with some humour mixed in.

mary’s personality and smile-her love of family and animals will make you want to get to know her and be……

be the light – matthew sokol & kerry bunney

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go out of their way to be the light for others.

note from the author:

matthew & kerry are pure of heart. all of their intentions are good.
they are near and dear to my heart and to the life messages™ movement!

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go……