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Tag: milton

kindness heals – rania walker

i was deeply moved by your story.

dear sweet rania walker,

look at that smile that emanates from your beautiful and giving soul!!!

i was deeply moved by your story.

it brought tears to my eyes and then a smile to my face.

it impacted my life and……

it was the belief of a child – jennifer & derek woodgate

i don’t remember ever hearing about a family business that was as socially conscious as this one.

note from the author:

i remember the moment i learned about cuddle + kind’s indiegogo campaign.

i don’t remember ever hearing about a family business that was as socially conscious as this one.


stay positive – lolita babalis

it’s one small act that gives her goosebumps and helps her to spread her message of positivity.

note from the author:

lolita is a ray of sunshine!

behind her grateful smile is a story that will melt your heart.

she has found her purpose through the defining moments of her life…and makes a real difference in the lives of……

heal loss with keepsakes – paulette lockwood

“paulette has so much love in her it just spills down her face”

note from the author:

my first meeting for a life messages™ photo session with paulette lockwood, for our first book, was filled with laughter and tears and so was my second meeting for her best friend life messages™ shoot and……

ambassador of hope – tiger jeet singh jr.

tiger jeet singh jr. is unique individual who has many messages of hope to share with the world.

author’s notes:
tiger jeet singh jr. coined the term ‘tigerbumps’ during our interview for life messages™ third book, enterprising hearts!

that was a ‘goosebump’ moment for me as we bumped hands together…i had told tiger that he just gave……

you are not alone – susana medeiros

she really does prove that families do matter…we all have one..however it is shaped…and so many of us go through similar ups and downs…by talking about it ALL, ‘family matters’ makes a difference for individual families – makes us feel connected to one another on a larger scale and contributes to a stronger family-oriented community.

author’s note:


gratitude – heba & rachid malki

they are true humanitarians and it shows in everything they do.

note from the author:

heba & rachid pay their gratitude forward.

they turned my idea of the importance of sharing your stories on its head.

you must see their story and message in our upcoming life messages™ book of enterprising……

life is precious – ries boers

he is there for others. he takes action to help. he makes a difference, everyday! 

note from the author:

ries is an old soul with a rebel heart!

i admire ries for his life’s work, how he values family and his community.

he is there for others. he takes……

be the light – matthew sokol & kerry bunney

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go out of their way to be the light for others.

note from the author:

matthew & kerry are pure of heart. all of their intentions are good.
they are near and dear to my heart and to the life messages™ movement!

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go……

we create the village – lorri and angie

if you are thinking about having a baby, are pregnant, are about to birth or have a baby, you will want to meet this pair and their incredible team!

note from the author:

lorri and angie create a village of caregivers at The WOMB-World of my Baby!

through education, specialized services and lots of love for babies and……