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Tag: ontario

“everyone starts in the basement” -julie cole

Giving is a part of who we are and our culture.

Julie Cole made me laugh and nod my head up and down, saying, ‘YES’ more than once the first time I heard her speak at a Mompreneur Conference in Toronto!

When you listen to Julie, you think, this is someone I could be friends with….she’d be……

you are not alone – susana medeiros

she really does prove that families do matter…we all have one..however it is shaped…and so many of us go through similar ups and downs…by talking about it ALL, ‘family matters’ makes a difference for individual families – makes us feel connected to one another on a larger scale and contributes to a stronger family-oriented community.

author’s note:


life is precious – ries boers

he is there for others. he takes action to help. he makes a difference, everyday! 

note from the author:

ries is an old soul with a rebel heart!

i admire ries for his life’s work, how he values family and his community.

he is there for others. he takes……

be the light – matthew sokol & kerry bunney

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go out of their way to be the light for others.

note from the author:

matthew & kerry are pure of heart. all of their intentions are good.
they are near and dear to my heart and to the life messages™ movement!

matthew & kerry understand the darkness but they go……

don’t forget who got you there – tom sovereign

tom now gives back to community in so many ways through his service, product, and charitable causes.

author notes:

tom sovereign is a man you can trust.

he has proven this time and time again through his business practices, integrity and professionalism.

i was thoroughly impressed at how quick he was to acknowledge people in community who had supported……

we create the village – lorri and angie

if you are thinking about having a baby, are pregnant, are about to birth or have a baby, you will want to meet this pair and their incredible team!

note from the author:

lorri and angie create a village of caregivers at The WOMB-World of my Baby!

through education, specialized services and lots of love for babies and……

be of service to others – maria locker

maria is committed to education and making a difference in the service of others.

note from the author:

maria locker will move you with her entrepreneurial accomplishments, humble yet driven nature & her BIG love of family.

maria is committed to education and making a difference in the service of others.

the national membership of her business is 17,000……

love yourself – kim and lori-ann

kim and lori-ann

kim and lori-ann are a powerhouse of positivity and light!

note from the author:

they express this through their individual and combined businesses as……

surrender – laura newton

laura newton

laura makes a difference as she surrenders to what is in her heart; allowing others to do the same through her example.

note from……